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Gorgon's Asset (Erotic Story) by StickyScribbles Gorgon's Asset (Erotic Story) by StickyScribbles

By StickyScribbles/Hazel

Jane and her friends had heard of the infamous Gorgon’s Manor. The adrenaline of adventure had kicked in them, leaving them desirous for a new venture. They had made their way into the Stygian darkness of the hall, their footsteps grazing on the surface of the marble-tiled floor haunting them.

Jane knew she could not be spared. Not that she wished to be. Waves of pure tingling sensations had coursed through her merely seeing the Gorgon cast her mesmeric gaze on her counterparts. She had seen it with her own eyes how they had all moaned out pleasured fully and suddenly had all gone silent, becoming totally rigid.

Mabel was crouched on the floor where Gorgon’s tail had penetrated her holes till she turned. Maloney was standing in the hallway, her breasts still taut even as she remain frozen. Gorgon had taken her time with her but she had to make hasty of her. Jane knew she was saved for the last.

Jane was a fine damsel, perfectly shaped, her curves erect and full where appropriate. That alone was enough reason for Gorgon to have her as the grand prize. Her heart throbbed hard at her chest plate as Gorgon wormed towards her, her smooth tail swerving hither and thither as she glided towards Jane. Jane remained on a spot, awaiting her deadly pounce.

What are you going to do to me?” Jane asked, fear hardening her soft arms. “Nothing you wouldn’t desire”, came Gorgon’s seductive voice. “I am a virgin. I haven’t experienced this before”, Jane pleaded, her voice breaking.

Gorgon halted in her approach, surprise laced her gaze. Then a smile spread across her face and she moved with calculated glides towards her victim who was rooted to a spot. Gorgon knew what she had to do. There’s room for one more erotic nude statue considering she has gathered a lot, males and females alike. “I’ll keep you forever. I’ll make you adorn my gaze. You shall be special in all sense”. She edged closer, her tail raising up to caress Jane’s middle. “But, I can promise I’d be gentle.”

“Please be”, her voice breaking, sweat lining across her forehead. “You don’t have to be afraid, you know. You’d enjoy your stay in here.” I shall Christen her Gorgon Shy”.

Gorgon moves closer, sensing Jane’s trepidation. “It gets lonely in here most times. I believe I’d go crazy every time I spend an night here in the arms of loneliness. Please, I’d like you to stay with me, here, forever and be mine.”

Jane ponders on how a striking monster like Gorgon passes time without a soul to share her thoughts with. She pities Gorgon, wishing there was something she could do to take away her pain. Gorgon senses her calm, even if it was temporary.

Gorgon coils around Jane in one slow move, gently , lest she smothers her tiny frame. Jane hit out, trying to wriggle free of her hold. She sensed that the more she tries to get herself untangled from Gorgon’s coils, the more ensnared she became. Gorgon traces her cleavage with her snake hair tendril, sending vibrations through Jane. She moaned out loud...(continue!)

//Find out what happens next!? Support us for the complete story along with bonus uncensored artwork, and art content.
Valkyrie-Gaurdian Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
shame you blurped out the art work :P
StickyScribbles Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
No worries, with support you can check out the bonus uncensored artwork and full story here:
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